Your average girl you always dreamed of (in your average dreams)

My biggest fear in life is to be “average”.

Still, what can define us as “average” or “not average”? Well, we breath the same way, we eat the same way… Where comes the criteria that decides whether one is average or not?

Especially here, on social media, and I’m going back to what Alina Ceușan emphasised in her latest video on YT: “We’re just a handful of people getting the same projects, the same products, stuff like that, and it’s up to you how you present them. It’s super important to be brave. To be courageous. To have your own creative direction.”

Bravery in creativity is a really interesting topic and, sometimes, it’s one that can never be fully understood. People are skeptical about getting out of the ordinary, about standing out too much:

You must stand out, but you mustn’t be a freak!”

“You must do something different though, you’re so consistent that you’re getting boring.”

“What do you expect now? To reinvent the internet? It has already been done, there’s nothing authentic to be created anymore”

And soooo many more phrases that get inside your head and lead to what I call an “artistic blockage”.

Well, I’ve found myself in such a blockage. I scroll through my Instagram, through my blog, through my life and I find myself terribly and sadly “average”. But I’m getting out, sooner or later. Be patient. 

All this blog thing, all this social media, all this present can often be a burden, a beautiful one, but a damn tiring one. School, along with other stuff, has sucked the energy out of me (emotionally) and I find myself in need to postpone the projects that I have in mind, as I’m focusing on my finals (aka BAC), so bear with me.

In the end of this article, I wanna thank the people who’ve been there to support me, even when I didn’t know they were actually there. I owe you all my happiness. I owe to myself to stay that way.


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