Why Maria Dius?

If you don’t know me personally, when you first see my name Maria Dius, you’ll most probably say that Dius must be my last name and you’ll suppose, as a native Romanian speaker, that it actually pronounces Diuș, which is where I poetically induce myself into a facepalm mood. To avoid this terrible, atrocious state of mind, I thought it would be absolutely necessary to clarify this at some point. So…

What exactly is the provenience of my self-given nickname, Dius?

Well, it all started in a very silly way, I could say. It was when I tried to find a username for my Instagram account. Yup, that random. As you may know, my real, complete, full name is Maria Diana Popescu, which, in our dear country Romania, is not sufficiently defined as common, it’s exaggeratedly common. So, there’s no surprise that when I tried to find a suitable username including my name and no meaningless numbers or Disney fairies, I simply couldn’t. As I was desperately trying to find an acceptable combination, I finally got one that was unused and pretty decent – mariadius. “D” & “I” are the first two letters from my middle name – Diana – so I thought it was a good transition. At first, I didn’t realize that’s gonna become a name, a real one, that would resonate and express my true inner self. But, believe me or not, that’s how Maria Dius was born. Nope, no ancestral myths related to this word Dius, no valuable stories, just a random combination of letters that was to be given meaning only a few years after.

Dius is the name representing my style, my personality, my hobbies, my creations, my feelings, Dius is what I choose to wear every day, to read, to learn. Dius is how I evolve and what keeps me motivated, ambitious and strong. Dius is my ideal of perfection, a word that is forever changing its morphology, forever changing its meanings, forever shocking. Just as I am.


Now, I often present myself as Maria Dius, because it became my name as artist, as blogger, as creator, as everything that I became and I’m proud of. I wasn’t born Dius, I became Dius. And I’m more than proud of it.

If you have any questions related to this subject, I would be more than happy to answer them in a new article, so comment down below any curiosity.