Why black is the no. 1 option every time

There aren’t few times when I find myself in front of my wardrobe wondering what to wear that day and the next second I see myself grabbing a full-black outfit. Why? Because sometimes it’s just easy. Other times is because it makes me feel powerful. Or maybe I’m just in the mood of feeling sleek.

A month ago I took these shots with Alin Surducan for my high school photo album and, of course, I chose a black dress. This one is from Factcool, it was super cheap (130 lei or £24), and although I love the fabric in it, I would make some adjustments to the cut of the dress. Even more, when I took it to the seamstress to adjust its length she discovered a huge cut in the dress around the hips which couldn’t be repaired without showing. Maybe it was like that from the factory, maybe it happened during the transport – either way, it’s not nice.

I chose to accessorise it with an Essentials by Dius belt around my waist and some other gold accents like my leather sandals from Essenza.

But still – why is black always my no. 1 option?

Black is the colour of power. When it comes to fashion, black never goes out of style. Wearing black can make you look (and feel) sophisticated, mysterious, elegant and even cool. 

Black is sexy. It’s official. But although it’s sexy, it doesn’t seek attention. Moreover, it is linked to positive character traits such as

  • Attractiveness
  • Sensitiveness
  • Confidence 
  • Intelligence

So… what shade of black are you wearing next?

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