Why are cowboy boots so hyped this year?

I’ve been obsessed with cowboy boots for the past 4 years and I’m not exaggerating. It’s just who I am! Maybe it derived from by boho-chic obsession back when I was 14, who knows, but the thing is that my passion for this type of booties never faded. It’s still there. Or even more, it’s stronger!

So, to make sure you understand the extent to which my love for western-inspired boots, I own around 5 pairs. Don’t panic. Many of them are from second-hand shops or outlets, but I have one pair that beats them all – my Nissa lovies.

Although they have quite a high heel (not very typical for a pair of cowboy boots) I am surprised of how comfy they actually are due to some special pads inside. Trust me, I danced all night in these – nothing hurts! Also, please note that they are made of ecological leather (high-five to my vegan followers) and they have this really cool croc textured to sustain another trend of the year – the animal print!

Outfit details:



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