We ain’t got time to hurrry – THE SEA (Mamaia Nord)

Life is so short – we ain’t got time to hurry. No, not at all. Have you ever thought of that?

Yes, I know it’s paradoxical, but in fact, it’s the most true thing I’ve ever said in my life.

I was at the beach when I first thought of that and I said it out loud as a joke. But is it one? Is it truly a joke? Time flies, life is short and sometimes all we have is this exact moment, this breath. What do you do with it? You cut it short ’cause you have something else to do, somewhere else to run? We will die, we ain’t got time to hurry. Or more precisely, we have no need to. Especially at the beach. Come join me!

As I always do in this type of post, I’ll start with technical stuff like where we stayed, how did we get there and why did we choose Mamaia Nord to be our no-need-to-hurry-place for 5 nights.

First of all, we got there by train. Nope, not C.F.R., but a private train called Astra Trans Carpatic. In our sleeping cabin, we had our own private bathroom, with even a shower included. Yup, you got it all right. Price? I, as a student, I paid 190 RON for all that. And trust me, it was worth it. From Constanta to our villa we took a Maxi Taxi, there were plenty of them, for only 5 RON.

We chose Mykonos Boutique Villa to be our home there, as we really wanted something modern & cozy, close to the beach but far from the need to wake up at 5am just to catch a sun lounger. In fact, everything was sooo relaxed and the beach was almost always empty. Here you have some photos from their booking.com page , as we really enjoyed our stay here, extremely nice and polite staff, new and clean rooms with a modern touch:

After a 5 min walk from our place you arrive at Mackerel Sea Food & Beach Bar, which we liked a lot, we’d be there all night long. The staff here is really nice and the food is AMAZIIIIING, I literally ate the best salmon of my entire life. It was the perfect place to chill and have a drink, in a welcoming atmosphere and surrounded by nice people.

Now that we know how, where & why, I’ll put my Youtube Video right here, along with some photos with my outfits, my pink flamingo float and, of course, the sea:

Where are you going on vacation?