Roma – the city of love and perpetual yesterday

Paris – the city of love? Oh, come on… Then what about Rome?

12th of April – just landed in a dream.

Well…  When I’m writing this post it’s already been more than 2 months since this reverie happened. I’ve been in Rome and I try to remember it now like I’d remember a whole other universe… Perhaps I should just start with the basics – where I stayed, the weather, the transport etc.

To get through it quickly and then focus on the details that made these 5 days the most beautiful days of my life, I’ll talk a little about where we stayed. Rome Vatican Inn was the BNB where we ended up each night, happy to remember every beautiful thing that we did during the day. It was in a very convenient location, extremely close to the Vatican Museums, but in a quiet, peaceful neighbourhood. The staff was extremely friendly and the room was cleaned every single day. We had a really nice balcony from which we could see the St Peter’s Basilica’s dome and where my G beast used to spend his mornings reading the New York Times as I would get my makeup done.

We also had breakfast included (I mean, it’s a BNB, right?) at a Snack Bar around the corner, which was really nice and very Italian – just how we like it (here my G beast would also read the newspaper in the mornings when I was faster with getting ready). Every morning I would get a chocolate croissant and a cappuccino – which (do I need to add?) were the best that I ever had in my life. Buuuut… forget about the room, the balcony, the view, the breakfast… What was really helpful and extremely convenient was that the metro station (Via Cipro) was literally two steps away! We got metro passes for 72h in the first 3 days and we reached every single spot of the city – what would you need more? The metro in Rome is so efficient, with trains arriving each minute… In 5 minutes we could be anywhere – Piazza di Spagna, Fontana di Trevi, The Pantheon…

In our first evening in Rome, after exploring the neighbourhood a little and having the bestest take-away pizza around the corner, we decided that it’s time to see my dream come true and we went to… Guess what – Fontana di Trevi… You know that fashion show that Fendi had in 2016 for their 90th Anniversary? Well, that was the exact moment when I fell in love with fashion, completely and undeniably.

Imagine similară

I don’t know how I’ve imagined the Piazza, but I was in shock. It was full of people, like way too many people… Just imagine that in our 4th day we woke up at 4.30 am to come here just to take a few photos, which you’ll see if you scroll to the end of the article.

But I didn’t care, I think I even cried when I saw it… It was undescribable… Stunning.

The next morning we hit the famous Colosseum which was also full of people and starring unimaginable queues even though we got our tickets online. But wasn’t it worth it? Oh, it was…

After a long walk around the Roman Forum and the surroundings, we decided it was time for shopping!

But… Since it was concert day… We decided to go back home to take a nap before seeing Lana live. (it still feels unreal that we did…)

The PalaLottomatica Arena was quite far and we had to change 2 metros to get there but we arrived in time. I got speechless when she came on that palm tree stage! Wanna see more?

The following days were just as beautiful as the first ones… We continued visiting churches, monuments, taking long walks around the city, eating icecream at Venchi and admiring everything that was Rome.

Sant’ Ignazio Church

Venchi Icecream

(featuring the Maison Dius Snake Ring in Matte Black)

Shopping at Vendôme Roma

As I said earlier, we woke up at 4.30am to take some really cool pics at Fontana di Trevi.

And theeen, we went to Vatican City:

Rome is one enormous mausoleum. There, the Past lies visibly stretched upon his bier. There is no today or tomorrow in Rome; it is perpetual yesterday.


And we were left with memories… many many memories…

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