#REVIEW: Rose Gold Glam BEAUTY BAY 18 piece Makeup Brush Set

I think that many of us, girls, are really familiar with this name – Beauty Bay, since it is one of the biggest beauty products retailers in the world. Even though it could scare my Romanian readers at first, don’t worry! The good news are that Beauty Bay offers FREE SHIPPING in Romania!

Long story short: I’ve been looking for a makeup brush set for ages. My inner-instagrammer-self kept saying “Morphe”, “Zoeva”, “Real Techniques”, “BH Cosmetics”, so I had to do a research on some foreign websites. While surfing beautybay.com I bumped into this treasure. I read a couple reviews and BAAAAM – buyed it. To be honest, I was a bit skeptical at first and I wished there were some YouTube videos or at least a blog post discussing its worth, but there was void. So here I am, bringing in the light!

To begin with, the set contains 18 brushes 6 for the face, 11 for the eyes and 1 lip brush. So, it’s more than enough for personal use, trust me. Plus, each brush has a name – isn’t this thoughtful?

Keep in mind it comes with a gorgeous brush stander, a case that protects them and makes it easier for you when you travel – MARE PLUS.

I will present you each brush, so you know what to expect:

1. BAKE OFF – Powder Brush

2. IN THE BUFF – Foundation Buffing Brush

3. GLOW UP – Highlighter Brush

2. MAKE ME BLUSH – Blusher Brush

5. FANCY THAT – Jumbo Fan Brush

6. CONTOUR QUEEN – Small Domed Buffing Brush

7. ROUND THE BLEND – Blending Brush

8. BEST ANGLE – Angled Blending Brush

9. BLEND IT OUT – Pointy Blending Brush

10. HIDE & SEEK – Concealer Brush

11. HEY SHORTY – Shadow Brush

12. OG Shader – Shading Brush

13. SHADE OUT – Shading Brush

14. ON FLEEK – Liner Brush

15. JUST WING IT – Liner Brush

16. ON POINT – Liner Brush

17. ALL IN THE DEETS – Liner Brush

18. GET LIPPY – Lip Brush

If you wanna find out how I feel about each brush, watch my latest YouTube video:

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