My FEERIC FASHION WEEK Experience – 2018

It’s already been two weeks since I lived the best fashion experience of my life – Feeric Fashion Week 2018, which took place in Sibiu, Romania, July 17-22. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t been to many events of this kind, at all – in fact, I’m just at my very beginning. But I can definitely say it was a great start for me and I have to thank the Feeric team for giving me the opportunity to be among quality people and to spend quality time there, as a blogger for the first two days of FFW.

Now, here’s my Feeric experience:

– DAY 1 –

It seems like only yesterday that I was writing the interview with the gorgeous finalist of Feeric 33 Eliza Dobai and look where it brought me… It’s 5.30pm and we should be already on our way to the Astra Museum, where the first fashion show of the 2018 edition will take place, but the cab is nowhere. I’m stressed, nervous & excited.

6.00pm – we made it in time, we’ve arrived at the Windwheels area of the Astra Museum where the first fashion show will take place. “FLORI DE IE” opens the FFW 2018 edition presenting a collection of 21 unbelievably beautiful traditional Romanian costumes, celebrating 100 years from the “Great Union”. Embellished with metal embroidery and stitched with silk thread, the garments took everyone’s breath away.

Unless stated otherwise, all photographs in this article are realized by my beloved @thegbeast.

My outfit consisted of:

  • a vintage white-cream blouse with ruffles & jewellery buttons – tailormade for my mom in the ’90s
  • black denim shorts – Stradivarius
  • vintage leather biker jacket with lace-up details on the shoulders & belt – local thrift store
  • Dionysus GG supreme belt – Gucci
  • vintage white clutch – local thrift store
  • sunglasses from a random shop in Rome, embellished by me with a pearl necklace
  • my favourite Essenza sandals – black suede & pearls with an 8cm block heel

8.00pm – We arrived at Versailles Events where “YOLO PARTY by Landiana”  takes place. We had a good time chatting and sharing our expectations for the following day. Also, we watched the music video produced by Feeric Fashion Week for DJ Claude Daniel, which was filmed in Uruguay. Around 11.00pm we decided it’s time to get home to be fresh the next morning. Although it should’ve been a 15 min trip, discharged batteries made sure we’ll spend much moooore around the complicated streets of Sibiu to get in our beds.

– a retro vibed photo of me and Raluca at the party (check out her blog!) –

– photo by


– DAY 2 –

2.00pm – my favourite fashion show is just about to start here, at The Stairs Passage, “CAT + KING” is a brand that landed straight from New York to present a fabulous (and sustainable!) AW collection entitled “The Heroine” rocking a deep romantic vibe, a mystical air and a subtle military atmosphere. No doubt, I am deeply in love with your work, Cat & King! 


My outfit:


I was wearing:

  • off-the-shoulders rusty red dress – Pull & Bear
  • Dionysus GG supreme belt – Gucci
  • vintage bamboo handle bag – @cherrypicked_boutique
  • stiletto square heels – Bershka
  • rose embellished tulle socks – Disney
  • sunglasses from a random shop in Rome, embellished by me with a pearl necklace

5.00pm – after a super-rushed lunch at Cafe Einstein in the Small Square, we’re off to the next show in the perfect set of the Ecvestria Club, by Argentinian designer “OCANTOS” which charms with over-saturated prints and vibrant colours, fluid fabrics and a sense of freedom.


8.00pm“CHARLES & RON” fashion show is happening right now at the Military Circle. Where am I? Oh… Still getting ready for it! A call from Raluca… it already started! I’m extremely sorry that I missed this one… Here is a pic by Cristi Cojocariu, that I “stole” from the FFW website:


9.00pmla soirée takes place at Redal Expo and starts off with Romanian designer “ADRIANA GOILAV” who proposes a dynamic installation of fashion directed by Cătălin Bocîrnea, instead of a classic & boring fashion show for her new collection “I AM”.

The evening ended with the FEERIC 33 competition, where 33 young designers presented their creations for a chance to win the 30.000 euro prize to build a big name in fashion. For this, I decided to write a different article and talk a little more about my favourite competitors – check it out HERE!


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