Maison Dius X Arieșeni

Yesterday we came back from our ski trip to Arieșeni, a really cool village in the Romanian Western Carpatians, located in the Alba county, where we had a looot of new experiences – such as hitchhiking and almost getting killed.

But, don’t get too excited! This article isn’t about our lovely adventures, we have a whole vlog for that! I’ll link it at the end of this article.

This article is about the Maison Dius limited edition GOLDEN PEARL WHITE X PEARLS SET! Yup, new stuff for winter. Buuut, the actual good news are that I have a #GIVEAWAY going on with these amazing handmade pieces of jewelry, right on my Instagram page: @mariadius.


You can order this limited edition set only via Instagram DM for now, @maisondius. Or, try your luck and enter the giveaway!

If you’re curious about the adventures that we had at Arieșeni, keep on watching!

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