How I find inspiration for my creative projects

inspiration – ɪnspɪˈreɪʃ(ə)n/
noun – 1. the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative.

As I promised earlier on Instagram, in this post I’m gonna share a few insights into my inspirational process. Also, I’ve got a few questions from youuu, which I’ve answered at the end of the article.

But… First of all… What gets me inspired?

1. Love

I think that love is what always motivates me, what always pushes me to overcome my limits, to get out of my comfort zone and do amazing stuff. I think that’s what a healthy relationship should do – it should help you evolve in such a beautiful way that everyone will ask themselves what’s your secret. I’m not gonna lie, I’ve always been a creative person, but what he does to me makes me always want to be the very best version of myself. And, as far as I know, there’s no way to become your best if you don’t work for it continuously. And for work, I understand create.

In fact, this inspiration comes from nothing but intense feelings, from listening to them, trying to understand them and then transform them into something bigger, visible – a process called creativity.


2. Places

It’s no surprise that places inspire a lot of people. Just the thought of how many people were there before you, their whispers, their shouts, their steps. Maybe they were in a hurry, maybe it was rainy outside, maybe right there on that bench a man was proposing to a woman, maybe in the other corner an old lady was walking her cat, whatever you think of it, it overwhelms you, the unknown of it… How can it not inspire you in some way?

Below, I’ll show you the only place that truly overwhelmed me, shocked me, smashed me into pieces. And that’s Fontana di Trevi.


3. Antiquities and old stuff

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I love antiquities and old stuff. Buying from thrift stores, visiting flea markets or antiquities stores are actions that have been teaching me over time to appreciate and pay attention to things that have been there before me, to people that have done it before I did it, to words that have already been said before I said them and simply to be aware of the immensity of this world and its times.

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4. Fashion

Just look at this photo from the Dior Resort 19 show. Just look at it. How can it not be inspiring? Many people shamelessly assume that fashion is a superficial industry and nothing more while I see it as one of the most important arts this world possesses. Fashion, as any of those privileged arts, can be delicate or audacious, silent or bold, anything that you can imagine.


5. Music

If you’ve been following me for some time, then there is no secret that I’m a huge Lana Del Rey fan, so I’m undoubtedly deeply inspired by her music. Of course, not just hers, music, in general, has the ability to inspire people to feel emotions that can later lead to creation.


6. Books

Reading books is a must for everyone that wants to evolve and grow as a person. You cannot be creative without reading,  you cannot be smart without reading. Whenever you’re feeling blocked, read! It’s like medicine.


7. People

Yes, I do get inspired by people, a lot. They can be writers, bloggers, photographers, painters, teachers, designers or simply people. I will show you below some people that motivate me to be better every day, people who have something to say, people who are able to inspire, whether it is because of who they are or what they create.

Alessandro Michele @lallo25 – Creative Director of Gucci


Doina Ciobanu @doina – Moldovan Fashion Blogger (London-based)


Maria Grazia Chiuri @mariagraziachiuri – Creative Director of Dior


Alina Ceușan @alinaceusan – Romanian Fashion Blogger

Vivian Hoorn @vivianhoorn – Amsterdam-based Photographer


Audrey Leighton Rogers @frassyaudrey – Barcelona-based Photographer


8. Moodboards

Mooboards are one thing that really do help me get inspired, as quickly as possible. They are the most efficient method for when I want to draw or create something more visual. I mostly use Pinterest for them, it is the easiest and most organised way. One of my favourite boards that I created there is the Champagne Muses one, for which I also have an Instagram page – go check it out @champagnemuses. I create moodboards all the time, what can I say… I love aesthetics! If you do too, then you’ll enjoy creating them at least as much as I do.





1. Did you find inspiration within yourself? Did you ever manage to be yourself the “muse” for a project?

Yes, I often do. I think that as long as I love myself, I can also find inspiration within myself and I think we should all do so. You’re the main character of your life, the main event, don’t waste yourself looking for something else when allyou truly need lies beneath your skin. You have a soul, a mind, a heart – what do you need more to get creative? As for being yourself the muse, I always considered myself one. In this continuous struggle to overcome my past self, to be the best version of myself, my ambition gets so inspiring, even for myself, that I start creating even more. Take your time, darling, take a look at yourself, you deserve to be the inspiration. You deserve to be your own muse.


2. Have you ever been inspired by a person? If yes, by who and how did he/she inspire you?

Yes, many times. If you’ve read the rows above you may have seen that I had given many examples of people that inspire me, yet I’ll stop at the very first one that I mentioned – my boyfriend. His kindness never stops inspiring me, his love always makes me wanna do the best, work the hardest to get where I wanna be. I sometimes think that he inspires me by simply existing.


3. Have you ever been inspired by a book or a quote? What were those and how did they inspire you?

I can give you lots of book titles, but I’ll leave this topic for a separate blog post. Instead, I’ll give you an awesome writer, which I always recommend to everyone – Jean d’Ormesson. His books are really philosophical, not in an overwhelming way, but in a way that makes you question the way things have been presented to you, when in fact everything is so simple, you must have a look! Talking about quotes… They are many, I’m a quote maniac. I’ll give you one:

Style. Because personality isn’t the first thing that people see.

Well, I don’t know if you’ve ever felt like that, but since I’m a fashion addict and I don’t like to dress like the usual teenager, I may experience some kind of judgement, good or bad. This quote ambitionates me to overcome the fear of being judged as superficial or stupid or whatever they say about girls who have an eye for fashion, and really admit that style is a trait that I must display and share with the others, because it’s a huge part of who I am, of my beliefs, of my personality.


4. How do you overcome artist’s block?

As I said earlier in the article, I read. Nothing works quicker than reading. Whenever you feel blocked, read. It will heal and you’ll bloom.


5. Do you have more inspiration when you’re relaxed?

To be honest, not necesarilly. When I’m relaxed, my mind tends to overthink a lot and I often get lost in thoughts, ending up doing nothing at all. So, no. I must stay busy, that’s when my best inspiration comes.


6. How much time do you devote to creativity during school time?

Gladly, since I study philology in highschool, which is a specialisation that very much encourages creativity, reading, writing and devoting time to your personal development, I think most of my time is used for creative processes. That’s why I’m happy!


7. I also make accessories, how can I promote them?

Even though this question may seem out of the topic for some people, for me it is very suitable. Maison Dius is actually one of my greatest achievements so far and it motivates me to be the best that I can be and always grow as a person. Looking over what I’ve created is a very inspiring action for me, so that’s why I think it’s perfect to talk about it here.

The first thing we must emphasize when we talk about promoting something that we do is branding it. See that “D” monogram all over my packagings? That’s my logo. Create a logo for your little brand first, because that will motivate you to do even more later. Create a concept and picture your target audience. How should your clients be? Young, old, brave, feminine, masculine, delicate, bold… Decide on who you’re working for, who’s the ideal buyer. Everything will come easier then. Poeple are attracted by visual content, so take a lot of photos of them, even shoot videos… People love movement. Also, play with graphics, fonts etc. Make giveaways! It’s quite cheap for you and you might make that person happy, too – it’s a great form of advertising. You can also try to give them for free to several person with a bigger visibility than yours, or even pay them to promote your items. Hope it helped, dear!


Alright… So, that was it with my inspiration, I really do hope that my article was helpful and thank you for your time!


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