#glowbydm: Trend It Up & Dreaming of going to Vienna with Alina Ceusan

In 8 days my blog will celebrate its first birthday – yes, I will officially be blogging for one year (only!), yet I feel like I am so familiar with it: my keyboard has become one of my best friends, Lightroom is rolled up my little finger, Youtube has begun to feel less frightening and I started to be able to visualise my community, standing right in front of me, waiting for me to inspire them.

But don’t get too shocked – it wasn’t just a year ago when I said “oh, it seems nice to do this and that, I am starting too!”. That’s not how to start a blog – who can start like this? No, it’s been a long journey till I got to open my senses to the world. I’ve been in love with fashion, styling different garments, textures, dealing with aesthetics since I know myself.

This has always been reflected on my way of being, speaking, dressing and, last but not least, exposing myself to a larger audience on social media – let’s call it by its name, Instagram. It’s weird how an app can drive your passion this big, encouraging you to do something amazing with your life. Here I am now – getting my blog bigger and bigger, working harder and harder and taking every opportunity out there that suits me and my goals, such as this one: #GlowByDM, a challenge that caught my eye the exact moment I read the title of Alina Ceușan‘s blog post: Bloggers wanted! Join me at the GLOW by dm event in Vienna. My dear roses, I am accepting it!

When I started out, I didn’t think once about the opportunities that were to come, except for the one that I actually started my blog for, apart from being passionate about writing: enriching my portofolio for studying at a Fashion Business university in UK. On my journey, I realised it was much more to it – I had beautiful collaborations with beautiful brands, I met wonderful people and I learned that the online space is not one to feel alone in, but one to make endless connections. Now, I am asking you guys to help me connect with my dream – going to Vienna with a person that I admire so much for who she is and what she does (and HOW she does it), Alina Ceușan, for one of the biggest beauty and fashion events on the German scene – GLOW by dm drogerie market.

Trend It Up by dm – my choice of products

For this article, I chose not only to mention these products and tell you how I would use them if I were to go to that dreamy event, but to also make a #REVIEW for them, so you roses know exactly what you buy!


A setting spray was the one piece that has been missing from my makeup case, so I decided it’s time I buy one! Considering the bargain price and the nice smell it had, it wasn’t long before I bought the Trend It Up EXPERT FIXING SPRAY.

I did my makeup as usual, applied my Lancôme Teint Idole Ultra Wear foundation, did my contouring, brushed my eyebrows and then BAAM – spray, spray, spray! – refreshing, good-smelling and well-setting: I totally recommend this makeup fixing spray wether you’re on a budget or simply prefer drugstore makeup!

I think this spray would be a must for me at the #GlowByDM event, imagine living in your makeup day and night without setting it properly – a nightmare! That’s why I would buy this spray over and over again.


When I tested it on my hand I was in awe – it was so beautiful and shimmery, so delicate, yet so life-changing, I couldn’t resist buying this as well… Especially thinking that it could also make a great face highlighter – and guess what, it does!

I won’t lie, after a while it did crease a little on the eyelids, but on the high points of my face? It was gorgeous. For this price, you can have a decent amount of highlighter to use wherever you want, so, for me it’s a YES!

I think this would definitely be perfect to wear at #GLOW, just picture it all over my collar-bones, cheekbones, tip of the nose, cupid’s bow, underneath the eyebrow arch – everywhere a highlighter should be!


Honestly, I was surprised to see how pigmented and soft this pencil was for its price. Maybe you know, maybe you don’t, but I’m obsessed with contouring my waterline with a black eye pencil – I feel like it gives such a dramatic effect, but still keeping it casual with just a little bit of mascara and a thin-winged eyeliner.

Since this is already a must-have for me, there’s absolutely no doubt that I will be rocking it at #Glow, with some crazy winged eyeliner, maybe some fancy shimmer on the inner corner of my eye, what do you think? I say it’s WIN!


As much as I love the freshness of a new mascara, it scares me a little bit – is it gonna ruin my eyelook, is it gonna transfer on my skin, is it going to stick my lashes together? It’s so unpredictable with a brand new mascara, while when it is a little bit more used everything goes so smoothly! Who else can relate? Overall, I am in love with this mascara’s brush – it’s that perfect arched shape that flares your lashes, elongating your eye while still giving you volume and length.

Even though this mascara seemed to glue my lashes together at first (which I hate!), it assured me lately that, if applying just the right amount of product (NOT TOO MUCH!) it gives you a breathtaking look! So, if you do know how to dose your mascara and you love a kickass flare then this is the mascara for you! It definitely is the one for me, especially when I’ll pair it with a gods-blinding highlighter at the #Glow event.

So, roses, that was it! Let me know in the comments which product you would buy and why do you think it would make a great choice! Also, wish me good luck with this #GlowByDM contest, hugs!

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