FEERIC FASHION WEEK 2019 – what was different

I think it’s no surprise that I waited the whole year for this event. Truly. Well, to be straightforward, I enjoyed my time there, but there are a few things to say that should be taken into consideration by the organisers – we’ll have room for them at the end of the article! Until then, let me present you all the #FFW2019’s shows and events:

*all photos are taken by my beloved @thegbeast, unless stated otherwise.


Landiana Yolo’s Party

Landiana’s party was the first event to mark the beginning of FFW 2019. It took place at Versailles events, a really cool venue that I was familiar with, because that’s where the party happened last year, as well. Although the music was nice, we didn’t really dance – probably because we were too busy meeting new people. Here I finally met Andrei (whom you can read about on my blog here), Deea and Ioana. My outfit was mostly from Nissa (jumpsuit, belt and cowboy boots), apart from my jacket, which was from Reserved.


1. Silvia Șerban

Silvia’s show was undoubtedly one of my favourites from FFW 2019. You know me… I’m so down to full-black looks that mix different textures and fabrics. I loooved the flow of this collection, its movement, its vibe… Plus, it took place at the Council Tower, so yeah… Congrats!

2. Ocantos

Actually, it’s the second time I see one of Ocantos’s shows! To be honest, the clothes and I had nothing in common… They were a bit too colourful to match my personal style. But I must and I will congratulate Ocantos and the Feeric team for choosing THIS gorgeous venue… I was stunned when I took my seat and noticed that the catwalk was actually a… river, at the Brukental Palace in Avrig.

3. The Rags Tribe

This show was really feerical. The models climbed down the stairs from the top of the forest in an authentic bohemian atmosphere. I really adored the feel it gave me. Also, the garments looked so precious, yet it all felt so hippie and simple – loved the paradox! As a bonus, the clothes are made by women who have been rescued from sex slavery and trafficking, so we’re dealing with an ethical brand: congrats, The Rags Tribe!


1. Pif Stephano

It’s nothing new that Pif‘s show amazes me all over again. The attention paid to details, the uniqueness of the designs, the authenticity of the venue (yup, it happened on the conveyor belt at the airport). This time, I also had the honour to wear one of his creations from a previous collection, wanna see?

2. Bianca Popp

Taking place in a really unfamiliar venue as well, Bianca’s show took everyone’s breath away. Since it was an aerodrome, they even made a model “fly”! However, the clothes that really appealed to me were the ones with structure, I love structure and volume in clothes! I’m sold whenever I see a balloon sleeve or some puffy shoulders…

3. Ramelle

Again, structure! I adored this show… There’s simply nothing more to say about it! See the first dress over there? I am obsessed with it. Although I’m usually not a futuristic-designs-lover, this classy dress with bold accents got me crazy. Bravo, Ramelle!

4. IED Graduate for Sustainability

Istituto Europeo di Design proved that fashion can be sustainable – congrats! There were many astonishing designs on stage, but if I had to choose three, here they are.

5. Kalei

I was sold the moment I heard that the soundtrack of the show was Lana del Rey’s Young and Beautiful. Still, the designs were breathtaking. Flowy, ethereal and feminine – so beautiful!

6. Redesign the Future of Fashion competition by V Fair & IED

A powerful project by V Fair and IED. These 2 silhouettes are my favourites, although they didn’t win the competition.

7. Bianca Popp

The evening’s grand finale was Bianca Popp’s menswear collection. Dark and bold, I got quite fond of it. I can’t deny it – I’m so curious of what Bianca will bring next year at Feeric!


1. Pat Equilux

The show happened in a bunker. Yes, you read that right. Although I don’t live for this kind of vibe, it was a really interesting show. And experience.

2. Juan Boleco

Taking place in a skate park and having skaters permanently running back and forth among models, Juan‘s show did have a lot of adrenaline. I really loved the “architecture” of the clothes – congrats!


The Feeric Gala ended the fashion week on a high note. Let’s see who showcased their collections:


I don’t know why, but I always find myself quite skeptical about bridal fashion shows – I just don’t like them, naturally. I really appreciated the musical moment, though I always find it cliché. However, the first dress that you see in the pictures was my absolute favourite, I really loved the texture and the cut.

CASI COUTURE – Scents of the Past

Without any doubt, this was one of my top favourites. I simply can’t describe the feel that this collection gave me. Mixing the tradition with the modernity, Casi Couture created a breathtaking overall image.


With origami-inspired cuts, this collection was really interesting, experimentally-speaking. I can’t say that I’d wear it, but it expresses something.


Although at first I was scared the show’s all gonna be about t-shirts (because that’s how it started), it gradually impressed me. I mean… Look at those shoulders! Sold.

CASI COUTURE – Tears from Universe

Breathtaking. Astounding. Majestic. A true fashion show. I loved everything about it – the details, the fabrics, the mood. Congrats, Casi! The photos speak for themselves.


Okay, now you might be asking yourselves what I meant in the beginning of the article. What you’ll read below is useful for whoever is planning to attend FFW in the near future – a few things that you might want to take into consideration when you set your budget and your expectations.

Well, what you see mentioned above and, besides, some afterparties, is just the plain schedule. The events WE attended (us and whoever wanted to watch a show, because an accreditation isn’t required for that). What do I mean by WE? Well, us, the accredited bloggers, engaged to deliver materials and other resources in order to promote the event nationally and internationally, during and after FFW. Besides the plain schedule, there were some other VIP events, organised by sponsors and FFW, such as brunches, dedicated to guests, press and staff etc., but sadly, that’s the only info that I could give you, because since I didn’t take part in them, I don’t know more.

And not just that. If you come to FFW, you should expect spending lots of money on cabs and transportation because the shows’ locations are quite far from each other. If you have a higher status, then this shouldn’t be a problem because they will give you a personal driver and a car.

*I’m not one to expect to be treated just like a person with 10 years experience behind and a huge following, but I expect not to feel just like an add-on. I’m acknowledging the fact that in the world of fashion, just like in any other field, there are differences that appear because of budgets and hierarchies. Still, this way of handling things lacked diplomacy, from my point of view, and it changed a bit my overall image of FFW, and not just mine, but also my other colleagues’ as well. It’s disturbing to knock on a restaurant’s door after a show and see that it was fully booked for… wait – a Feeric brunch, where you hadn’t been invited. Yup, these are the things that got me a bit disappointed. That’s the truth and I know it’s not nice reading it. Yet, the purpose of these affirmations is not to alter in any way Feeric Fashion Week’s reputation, but on the contrary, to draw attention to these uncomfortable situations that can be handled better in the future. But to me Feeric Fashion Week stays the best fashion event in our country and I’m completely honest when stating that I’m proud to have taken part in this movement, still, I wanted this article to rather be balanced than to lack integrity and show only the bright parts of FFW.

Nevertheless, I still encourage you to go to Feeric if you have a passion for fashion, because it truly is a valuable experience for you and your future.

I honestly love FFW and truly hope that these small problems will be solved once they catch the organisers’ attention, because, personally, I can’t wait for the next year’s edition.

Stay tuned for a new article about the outfits that I wore at FFW 2019!

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