Fancy Summer #LOOKBOOK: 2 full-Nissa outfits

I honestly cannot describe the vibe this outfit gives me – and this takes me back to realising why I fell in love with fashion in the first place: because it is a feeling. It can empower you, it can change you, it can make you more or less self-confident, it can change your whole outlook on life, it can turn a shitty day into a spectacular one. Because it’s fashion. And it’s so damn powerful. 

– wrote it as an Instagram caption a couple of days ago: #meditation on Fashion and its impact on our daily life.

To begin with, Nissa is one of my favourite Romanian brands because of two reasons: 1. outstanding quality, 2. ravishing designs. So, it is no surprise that I enjoyed putting together these outfits more than I ever did for any other project.


For the first outfit, I went for a more elegant look built around this gorgeous ruffled jumpsuit that caught my eye instantly on their website. It is made of a really special fabric, that might give you the illusion of sequins, when in fact it has tiny shimmering circles that don’t stand out, so it is extremely comfortable.

When it came to shoes, I went for a pair of stunning cowboy boots, made of faux croc-textured leather and then I chose a chic genuine leather box bag to glam things up a bit more.

To accentuate my waist, I chose a white leather belt that looked great with some pearl necklaces.

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Aghh… the feel of natural silk! Yes, it’s ethereal. The second outfit is more laid-back (I’d say), perfect for a classy summer evening. I went for this exquisite creamy dress that feels surreal on my skin – it feels like I’m not wearing absolutely anything.

For shoes, I chose a pair of platform sandals that have a raw feel to them (and so comfy, omg). The bag is the same as the one in the previous outfit, it’s so versatile!

To spice things up a bit, I grabbed this dazzling waist belt with embroideries, fringes and appliqués.

*the hat and the scarf are vintage.

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