#DIY: How I do my nails at home with semipermanent nail polish (video)

Even though I’m far from being a professional in what concerns the manicure, I decided to share with you, my roses, all the knowledge that I accumulated during all the hours that I spent at manicurists who are way better than me and to show you how I managed to do my nails all by myself with semipermanent nail polish, the result being as qualitative as the one obtained at a beauty salon.

If you don’t want to waste any more time at beauty salons and to have the freedom to do your nails whenever you want, without depending on a booking or some holiday, not even mentioning the money you’re actually saving, I think this video is just for you!

Until then, here are the products that I used:

1. CUPIO Professional Nail File 100/150 – 8,90 RON

2. CUPIO Buffer #120 – 3.90 RON

3. CUPIO Cuticle Tool CP3 – 7,90 RON

4. CUPIO Base Gel Lac – 49.90 RON

5. CUPIO Semipermanent Nail Polish Cupio To Go! Harpie – 41,90 RON

6. CUPIO Top Coat Gel Lac – 49,90 RON

7. CUPIO Cleaner – 11,90 RON

8. CUPIO Mango Cuticle Oil – 8,90 RON

For the lamp, I recommend you this one: CUPIO Black 36W – 199,00 RON

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