Crocodile & Plaid OR Leather & Sequins – A symphony of textures for Spring 2019

GOOD NEWS, my roses! Sales are all over FashionUp and there’s no way I’d skip sharing them with you, so here I am, prepared with two different outfits for you guys – a casual outfit and an elegant one, to match with how I envision this spring’s trends.

#1 – CROCODILE & PLAID for the Day

The first outfit that I will show you has a laid-back feel to it, which makes it perfect for taking long strolls in the park now that it’s getting warmer outside (and it features cowboy boots, obviously!) The products are:

NISSA Cowboy Boots With Crocodile Print Leather – 404 RON on FashionUp!
NISSA Skirt With Side Ruffles – 404 RON on FashionUp!
LA REDOUTE COLLECTIONS Bag – 146,30 RON on FashionUp!

If you wanna see more, click here for more boots, bags and skirts!

#2 – LEATHER & SEQUINS for the Night

The second outfit features a rocky-flamenco style that I got really keen on lately. Sequins mixed with leather… Mmm, a bold mix that I’ll always love! The products are:

NISSA Sequins Jumpsuit – 604 RON on FashionUp!
NISSA Real Leather Purse – 654 RON on FashionUp!
LA REDOUTE COLLECTIONS Real Leather Biker Jacket – 795 RON on FashionUp!
NISSA Golden Sequins High-Heel Sandals – 404 RON on FashionUp!

If you wanna see more, click here for more sandals, bags, jackets and jumpsuits!

Okay, so these were today’s outfits – I really hope you liked them and found this article a much-needed inspiration for your spring outfits to come!

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