CONFESSIONS ABOUT ANIMAL PRINT – the only thing that saved me from the addiction to all black everything

I was (and in my heart I still am) a strong believer that black is always the saviour when it comes to fashion blockage. Just picture yourself on a Monday morning, running late for school/work, in front of a messy wardrobe, wondering what to wear – haven’t you ever just jumped to a pair of black jeans and maybe a black turtle-neck and maybe some black ankle boots and maybe a black biker jacket? And maybe then you realised that BLACK will always be the safest, coolest and fastest option you can go for.


However, we all get to a certain point where we realize that mixing textures, spicing everything up with accessories, putting on a nice makeup might simply not be enough anymore. I felt stuck in a place, held back from the real beauty of fashion, the CHALLENGING BEAUTY OF FASHION.

I’ve always regarded fashion as a challenge. Why hold back from the beauty of a powerful and intriguing styling, playing with colours, textures, prints, emotions… Why waste it when you can have it all?

That’s what I realized when animal print came into my life as… well… as a trend. Yes, this one really got me. I’m a vintage lover, a believer that the new & shiny is not always the best for the pocket nor for the environment, but I admit that hanging out in Zara has its perks – like finding inspiration and courage. Because, as crazy as it may sound, it took me courage to fall in love with animal print – leopard and snakeskin are deep in my heart.

And it was that moment when I realized what I was holding back from, what I was actually missing out there – colour, boldness, expression, emotion, art, everything that I was claiming fashion meant for me, with the important mention that I was a stranger to them.

That was the moment when I fell in love again with fashion, with everything that this beautiful form of expression actually meant.



Now, I even go for full white outfits, can you believe what I was missing out?


And you, do you find yourself addicted to all black? If yes, and if you ever got over it, how did you do it? Comment down below!


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