ATARAXIATIC – 6 questions with Eliza Dobai (Feeric Fashion Week finalist)

Meet Eliza Dobai, your future fashion designer – the UTILITARIAN* PRINCESS (designed to be useful or practical rather than attractive).

When I asked Eliza, a Fashion Design student at Middlesex University in London, what does ataraxiatic mean she said: tranquillity, calmness & peace.

I must say, this got me a little surprised because when I see Eliza I see an explosion, a burst that makes you say:

“She’s got that whole purpose driven warrior princess save the world type vibe.”

I see a loud artist, fearless of screaming out her thoughts and feelings, fearless of showing the world her wild creativity, being boldly honest and honestly bold.

Having the soul of a mermaid, she believes in red lipstick and… fashion.

Deeply inspired by the founder of the famous brand Comme des Garçons, Rei Kawakubo, Eliza never stops creating.

Having got a glimpse of her future collection for Feeric Fashion Week, which is about to take place in July in Sibiu, Romania, I noticed she took her inspiration from army uniforms which she opposed to the concept of a modern princess, so she created the UTILITARIAN* PRINCESS (practical rather than attractive).

Isn’t this simply… genius?

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire. Eliza herself is a soul on fire, so I’ll let her speak from now on:

M. Dius: Do you find yourself passionate about fashion or in love with fashion?

Eliza: I am irremediably in love with fashion and my whole life is driven by the passion of it.

M. Dius: When did you realise that you want to do fashion?

Eliza: I’ve never dreamt of being specifically a fashion designer, but I always knew I wanted to do something related to clothing, and art. I’ve always been drawn to fashion as my mother is working in this industry, and my grandma used to be a tailor, so I grew up in this environment. I was always the odd one and never in between the lines, which is probably how my artistic side comes out of me. I could easily describe myself as an eccentric person. I’ve been drawing and creating since forever, but it was only later on in my life when I realised that I could combine my endless desire to create and my love for clothes – I started designing. Needless to say I haven’t stopped since. I never will.

M. Dius: How was the admission for Middlesex and your first year there?

Eliza: The admission for Middlesex University was not easy since that’s how I got to start doing the technical side of the fashion design. I’ve been sketching before, but I never got to do any sewing of my creations. I could’ve applied with just a portfolio of my best sketches but I wanted to actually create a couple dresses. I struggled with it at first but later on it grew on me, and it helped a lot on my first year, because I already knew some of the basics when it came to making. These months since I’ve started university were the time I changed most as a person. It was a lot of hard work, sweat and tears, but I couldn’t be happier because I’m doing what I love most 24/7.

M. Dius: How did you decide to enroll as a fashion designer at Feeric Fashion Week? How do you think this is going to help your future career?

Eliza: Funny enough, I did not choose to participate at Feeric, I basically had no choice because one of my bestfriends really wanted me to, and I’m not one to let my friends down. To be completely honest, I probably wouldn’t have had the guts to be a part of this, at least not now that I’ve only finished first year and I probably am one of the youngest contestants. I couldn’t thank him enough for encouraging me to do this, because now that I’ve made it to the final I get to pour my heart out into making the collection for it and I’m bursting with joy. We’ll see how everything goes, I’m going with the flow now, enjoying the process and taking things as they come. I guess it’s safe to say that I’m learning as I’m working for this, because as this is my first collection I’m working on without the team at my university and the amazing technician there, I realised there are loads of things I still have to acquire a knowledge of. Baby steps, I’m working hard and trusting myself. I’m sure that no matter the results, this will have a great impact on both me as an individual as well as on my career.

M. Dius: If you could be the creative director of any fashion brand, which one would it be?

Eliza: Comme des Garcons, anytime, any day.

M. Dius: What is your biggest dream?

Eliza: My biggest dream in life is to be completely at peace with myself. Workwise, I hope I never lose my inspiration nor my desire to create, to always be as passionate as I am now and these will definitely lead to me building a name for myself in fashion.

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