ANDREI GRIGORIE – the man behind the most followed men’s Fashion & Beauty blog in our country

Andrei Grigorie. Just click on his name, let his blog load and… BAM! You’ll either say “Wow… This guy is doing REALLY cool stuff!” or “What am I supposed to see?” – if you fall in the second category, then let me prove you wrong by telling you how cool this guy REALLY is.

Andrei started his Fashion & Beauty blog back when he was 18 – I mean, exactly the day he turned 18! It was his gift to himself. I’ve been following him for a while and I found genuine motivation in everything that he did or posted – I can say that I saw this guy growing, as blogger and as person in social media. I admired everything he did, his professionalism, his accuracy, his sense of aesthetics – he had everything he needed to be admired by the world, but he also had the only thing that set him apart from the others and brought him closer to success – ambition.

Because YES, it takes a lot of ambition to put together a blog, especially a Fashion & Beauty one dedicated to men. If you’d ask me, it also takes courage to be able to stay in front of so many people, talking, writing, exposing yourself both to admirers and haters.

Buuut, more about all this theoretical stuff will be in the actual interview with this special boy, which I decided to put together for you:

Maria Dius: I saw that you started your blog on your 18th birthday, why did you choose to make yourself this “gift”?

Andrei Grigorie: Very well said “gift”! Ahahaha! I wanted for a really long time to share my view on Fashion with the world, but I never actually had the courage that I needed to expose myself publicly, to say so. All this until the day when I said “fuck it” and I started the blog where I’m still writing in the present day, 

MD: You’re the best known Romanian blogger in the area of Fashion & Beauty for men, what feelings does this title bring you?

AG: In truth, I do own the most followed men’s Fashion & Beauty blog, but I never regarded this as a “title”. It’s just a confirmation of what I do and one of the reasons that motivate me to go on every day. As for the feelings, I feel thankful because people resonate with me and my ideas.

MD: We all know that, in the blogosphere, the key to success is to be constant. How did you manage to do it?

AG: A lot of determination. There was a long period when the blog wasn’t going so well and I wasn’t posting constantly, I was focused more on social media – one of the biggest mistakes that I did in this “career”. The moment I realised the importance of a proper channel for transmitting information, I started to pay much more attention to the blog, and now it is my primary project to focus on.

MD: How did you cultivate your passion for fashion? Was there a certain moment in your life that triggered it?

AG: It wasn’t actually just a moment, but an entire period – I’m referring here to a whole year where I was invited to different castings for modelling (because I was tall and slim, obviously). Entering this world, I started having contact with fashion. Despite the fact that I felt some sort of attraction to fashion and that I was accepted to most agencies that I came in contact with, I never had a job in this direction, because I felt that it didn’t represent me. I always liked communicating with people, expressing my point of view and I realised since the very beginning that the world of modelling isn’t the right place to do that.

MD: Do you have the support of the people around you? What do you think about the hate that is all over social media and how do you think you can help changing the public opinion on bloggers?

AG: At the level where I am now (I’m talking about the “eyes” with which I regard all this thing) I can’t talk about support actually. It’s a job like any other, and the people around me have learned this. Although in the beginning things were a little bit different – most of them were somehow skeptical, because I had quite big plans, they were there for me with the encouragement that I needed back then. About ”hate”, for instance, I simply started calling it frustration. Because, after all, that’s what it is. Nobody should care about what others say in any situation. If you feel that it makes you happy, do it! No matter what it is. The public opinion on influencers, in general, can be changed by giving information. People must understand that all this “wave” promoted a new type of marketing – influencer marketing – which is a positive thing both for the brand and for us. But sadly, you can’t explain this to the 12-13 y.o. kids (who are generally the ones “throwing” with hate), neither can you do it with the people who are unable to express their opinion in a constructive way.

MD: A short time ago, you started a new video series on your YouTube channel: #WeeklyReports. Why did you decide to do this?

AG: In Romania, the YouTube platform really needs one thing – quality. The majority focuses on growing their audience with various types of videos, unfortunately. Why? Simple. Information is getting harder to digest and many people prefer watching videos in which x smashes eggs in y’s head to learning something that might really help them in the future. Seeing that the entertainment catches the public attention and being in need to create content on YouTube as well, I started this series, #WeeklyReports, which is based on information. Besides, most tabloids in our country try, just like YouTubers, to grow their audience through “unhealthy” means, in this case, denigration of one’s image. By the episodes that I post on every Saturday morning, I’m trying to bring some change in this direction.

MD: If you were to describe yourself in three words, what would those be and why?

AG: I will limit myself strictly to the main subject of this interview, namely the project, and I will say creative, ambitious and patient, because without these three “qualities” you can’t successly activate in this domain. If you’re not creative enough to come up with something new, you won’t be taken in consideration, if you’re not ambitious you won’t be able to cope with this world – because sadly, there are many things and many people that will try to take you down with any occasion – and if you’re not patient enough to have the results coming naturally and the only thing that matters to you is money, then my advice is to stop from whatever you’re doing.

MD: What is your biggest dream regarding your blog and career?

AG: My biggest dream – the one with starting the project – came true when I bought the site’s domain. The next step is expanding my audience, so that my message could reach more and more people. One of the main reasons why I chose to do this was to motivate men to show a bigger (if not, at least minimum) interest in the way they look like. I’m talking here not only about the dressing part, but also about skincare. 

MD: What advice would you give to the young people out there who want to start a blog, but are afraid of the almost impossible growth experienced lately on social media?

AG: You shouldn’t focus on social media. Just like Facebook, Instagram will slowly “fall”. This platforms, even if at first sight might seem like they help us, they’re actually our greatest “enemies”. With the occurence of influencer marketing, the number of people who use the ”sponsored post” option has drastically dropped, as they didn’t make profit out of it anymore – see also the algorithm changes. You must focus your attention on a “place” of your own, that will be there even in 50 years from now, when who knows what other apps may appear. If you invest enough time in promoting your blog, you can already forget about the existence of social media platforms.


Well, no more words needed! I told you he was great, so… Go follow him on Instagram @andgrigorie and don’t forget to read his blog Oh… I was about to forget – his YouTube channel – Andrei Grigorie.


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