And the WINNER is… | L’Oréal Beauty Vlogging School

Well… it’s ME! Yes, that’s shocking, I know… But before I get into how I felt when they announced the winner, I’ll take you through everything that this experience meant for me.


Actually, I was extremely unsure whether to sign up or not. I saw the announcement on Alina Ceușan‘s blog and then I quickly had a look at what the other girls did for their sign up video. I pondered and pondered and pondered, then I asked Deea, a person whom I admire so damn much, what to do. She told me to go for it. And well… that was it.


All the courses had a live version on Facebook, in a private group, designed especially for those who weren’t able to attend the class in the flesh. For instance, since I am not from Bucharest it was perfect the way they organised it. The subjects and the teachers were as follows:

  • RESPONSIBLE BEAUTY & STORYTELLING by Mihaela Munteanu, Simona Fîrtat, Ana Morodan
  • DIGITAL BEAUTY by Mădălina Pangrate (Google), Ewa Tumanow (Facebook)
  • BEAUTY SHUTTERBUGS by Vali Bărbulescu (photographer)
  • BEAUTY PRODUCT REVIEW by Daiana Anghel (Skincare Advisor)
  • BEAUTY ON THE SCREEN by Khaled Mokhtar (videographer)
  •  CREATIVE BEAUTY by Andra Manea (Official MUA for L’Oréal Paris Romania)
  • BEAUTY OF MY SKIN by Ruxandra Nache (Kiehl’s Skincare Consultant)
  • BEAUTY RITUAL OF MY HAIR by Sorin Stratulat (Hair Expert)

I found them all extremely helpful and useful as I took lots of notes in my notebook. Well, at the end of all these courses, every week, we had to literally do our homework and here you have them all:


1. INSTAGRAM PHOTO: Beauty Product Review

2. YOUTUBE VIDEO: Glam Makeup


3. YOUTUBE VIDEO: Skincare Routine


4. YOUTUBE VIDEO: Haircare Ritual

Garnier & Elseve


For each and every homework we received grades from 1 to 5 from our teachers. Gladly, I had no smaller grade than 3,5, so yeaaah! Also, 2 maximum grades were quite motivating. The grades from our teachers were 70% of our final grade, while the rest of 20% belonged to our mentor (in my case, the gorgeous Denisa Sima) and 10% to the public that voted us via the website platform.


It happened in Bucharest at L’Oréal Academy, which they turned into a gorgeous sanctuary of glamour, if you ask me. Apart from the fact that it took me 9 hours to get there by car from Timisoara, I can say that it was 10000% worth it. DIY hot chocolate punches, lemonade mini-bottles and many more sweets awaited us and I was so happy to be there and finally meet all these amazing people. When the time was right, they started giving the intermediary prizes, one of which I also won: the best glam makeup tutorial! This came in as a breathtaking surprise for me, as I am no makeup artist and I know for sure that there are far more talented girls than me, yet they felt like I deserved it and I’m deeply grateful for that.


After that, Alina Aliman, redactor-in-chief at A List Magazine, was about to announce the winner when I took out my phone and started recording the announcement with a nervous smile on my face, waiting to see the one who was about to walk on that improvised scene, ready to smile and applaud. Yet… my name was the one that came out of Alina’s mouth. I repeated it in my mind, still having a hard time believing it, my steps were shaking, I stopped the recording (obviously) and walked in front of us all. She handed me the gorgeous trophy, a glass, unshaped diamond-like piece of glass, the girls from Syscom Digital Agency put a crown of flowers on my head, Vali gave me the Samsung Note 10 and I also had to come back there to get my L’Oréal goodie bag. But that was the material part. The fact that I’m going to have a 2 weeks internship with A List Magazine next summer simply sends shivers down my spine. I am so, so mesmerised.


I wanna thank you, guys, for voting me and supporting me all the time. I wanna thank Denisa, who was by far the bestest of the best mentors that me and my top team could ever have. I wanna thank her for all the times when she was direct and blunt, when she said things straightforward and when she made me wanna do better, because I knew I could always do better. I wanna thank the teachers for giving us all the info they had and for motivating us. I wanna thank my parents for making the huge effort to bring me to Bucharest in a record time (even though it was school day!). I wanna thank and congratulate all my colleagues that did an awesome work and motivated me to be more and more ambitious because the competition was strong here. I wanna thank Syscom Digital Agency and L’Oréal Romania for this opportunity and for everything that will follow. I am forever grateful.

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