About love and a little bit of Christmas

Guess I haven’t been that naughty this year, because now I realise I have everything one could dream of. I have met and I am together with the love of my life, my parents are besides me, I have a roof over my head, enough food to eat, quite many clothes to wear and I usually don’t get cold (unless it’s in the name of fashion). So, I should be happy, shouldn’t I?

You see, happiness is a tricky subject and I’m not gonna dive into it. Today I’m gonna talk about photos and love.

Photo by Maggie Astaloșiu (@maggieastalosiu)

Last week, we did a photoshoot with Maggie, a wonderfully talented photographer, one of the few people who actually master capturing love, raw and beautiful. The picture listed above is, I think, one of my favourites. The shadows, the pose, the composition, the atmosphere, everything feels just so emotional. Me and my G Beast met about 3 years ago when he asked me out to do a photoshoot – such a coincidence, isn’t it? Well, ever since, I’ve been awfully attached to him taking pictures of me, but we never had any together – Maggie was our saviour.

Photo by Maggie Astaloșiu (@maggieastalosiu)

For the past years (actually one year and a half), we’ve been dealing with a long distance relationship, so whenever he’s home it feels like I’m dreaming. Yep, we do have fights, we do have things that we don’t agree on, but at the end of the day all I want is to rest in his arms.
This brings me back to being mesmerised by how inexplicably wonderful love is. A feeling as powerful as being able to resist thousands of miles and weeks after weeks without fading away.

But, you see, love’s often capricious and when the time comes I close my eyes and he’s back in that plane. And I’m left alone. Alone or lonely?

Photo by Maggie Astaloșiu (@maggieastalosiu)

Maybe neither of them. He’s everywhere, even though he’s nowhere near me: in the shadows, in his letters, in my phone at a text away, in his fragrance on my walls, in my heart.

I know long distance relationships are often a daunting task, but the joy of seeing each other again is inexplicable and amazingly fulfilling. It’s just… beautiful.

This Christmas, I’m neither lonely, nor alone. Yet, my G Beast is not next to me. I wish I spent it next to him, but there’s plenty of time to do that in the years to come.

I will leave this here as a reminder for what to seek during the holidays – it’s not the presents that make us happy, it’s the present.

Find Maggie, our photographer, here: @maggieastalosiu.

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