5 things to do in BUCHAREST as “tourist”

Every journey starts out of the wish to go somewhere/visit something or, in our case, out of the „boredom” that was awaiting us in the intersemestrial break. So, when Ale said in the Arts class “Let’s go somewhere by plane.”, my eyes lit up and I said “Let’s go to Bucharest!”. The next second, we found ourselves already booking the hotel, the plane tickets and bam!, less than three weeks after we arrived to Bucharest.

Good reasons why we did it:

  1. The plane tickets were only 19,98€ return! (cheaper than the train).
  2. Found the most beautiful apartment in the Old Town – Smart Rentals Bucharest Old Town. (I truly recommend it!)
  3. We wanted to go somewhere!

Now that we’re in clear with all the “technical” details about where, why and how we stayed, I’ll suggest you 5 activities to do in Bucharest in 3 days or less!

1. Have lunch at Cișmigiu Bistro

Ahh… so much velvet! Guess it’s no surprise that Cișmigiu Bistro left me speechless. Located at the 6th floor of Cișmigiu Hotel, the restaurant is a feeric place designed in a beautiful modern Art Deco style, a warm and cozy location where anyone would feel good. Apart from the design, the service and the food were amazing and as for the prices, they were not the smallest, but they were definitely worth it considering the things above. I had a Le Burger de Boeuf and I totally recommed it! The menu can be found here.

2. Read a book and have a cup of tea at Cărturești Carusel

Located in the Old Town of Bucharest, or more precisely on Lipscani Street no 55, this library beats all. When I walked in here, I started remembering J. L. Borges’ words:

I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.

An impressive selection of books as well as an extremely pleasing atmosphere, Cărturești Carusel is a place not to miss in Bucharest.

#SHOPPING TIP: As beautiful as it is, it might turn out to be quite expensive. Yet, not too many people know that there’s a shop called Antic ExLibris right around the corner, a book outlet! Its address is B-dul I. C. Brătianu 40. You’d be surprised to see how many books and notebooks I got for prices between 3 and 15 lei!

3. Go to the Romanian Athenaeum

Outfit details:
1. Boots – Topshop
2. Skirt – Beyond Retro London
3. Belt – Gucci
4. Blouse – Second-Hand
5. Bag – Zara
6. Fur Coat – Zara

Even though, sadly, we weren’t allowed to visit it from unspecified reasons, we were really happy to admire it even from outside. Being one of the most impressive buildings in Bucharest, there’s no way you could leave the city without passing by.

4. Have breakfast at Cereal Crunch Cafe

Whether we talk about the coloured milk or the huge variety of cereals that you simply can’t find at local shops, Cereal Crunch Cafe is a place that you must check on your list of “conquests”. I went for pink and Reese’s Puffs this time, what will you go for?

5. March past the Palace of the Parliament and have a walk in the Old Town

Known as the second largest, the most expensive and the heaviest administrative building in the world, the Palace of the Parliament leaves you breathless with its imposing immensity. Details related to visits and location can be found here.

The Old Town of Bucharest, impressive by architecture, yet disappointing by abandonment, is a cool place, full of restaurants, cafes and pubs for everyone’s taste and pocket.

A 50 mins flight, 3 full days and lots of beautiful places – that was the Bucharest of my February! For more images and insights, watch my latest Youtube video:

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