17 y.o. – 17 facts about me

Now. I’m 17. 7th of August. I’m just a year away from being an… adult? Wow, time really does fly.

And, for the first time in my life, I’ll let myself be defined by numbers and let them rule this article. Here it is!


– 17 FACTS ABOUT ME AT 17 Y.O. –


  1. I’m a Leo and I hate being told what to do. I’m stubborn as fuck, but also creative as fuck. You don’t mess with a Leo.
  2. I am a huge cat-lover. Give me a cat and my heart will stay with you. Forever.
  3. I love vintage! Got some old shit to get rid of? Probably you don’t because everything is in my room already.
  4. Fashion addict, would spare a fortune on a designer bag if I had it. My life is ruled by: I have to be successful because I like expensive things.
  5. I’m a straight-A student. Yup, that “smart”. Nah, just knowing how to roll.
  6. I plan on building a career in fashion, not necessarily in Fashion Design, but Branding & Marketing would be my dream game.
  7. I write poetry. Well, I used to. Now I rarely do it. (more about it in a future article)
  8. I believe in eternal love. No explanations needed.
  9. I dream big. I mean, if you don’t dream big, why do you even bother?
  10. I’m always in a harsh competition with my own self. I always intend to be the best version of myself. The fatal perfectionism.
  11. I do a lot of crafting. Maison Dius was just a craft at the beginning.
  12. My eyes are green like American Money. I love Børns, you know? Obsessed with him and Lana Del Rey.
  13. One of my greatest life experiences was seeing Lana Del Rey live in Rome, I’m forever thankful to my G beast for that.
  14. I adore moodboards. I just created one – check it out here!
  15. I love reading philosophy. Best book I’ve ever read was C’est une chose étrange à la fin que le monde, by Jean d’Ormesson.
  16. I am obsessed with remarkably beautiful pens & notebooks. It’s my weakness.
  17. I am happy.

Happy Birthday to me!


Here’s a poem I wrote when I was only 15:



you’re soaked
you’re soaked
but your skin gets drier and drier

you want the flood to end
but the clouds are stuck

on the top of your mouth
you’re soaking in time

you’re aware of the fatalism

it rains
it rains
with time
radioactive raindrops


life is a fatal shower
the Earth is soaking wet.